Ms Barbara Jemec

Areas of specialist interest include

Plastic Reconstructive (Skin cancer, Hidradenitis Suppurativa and post gynaecological cancers), Hand Surgery and Aesthetic (body and breast).

Skin cancer is often found in the face and therefore the clearance of the cancer and the method chosen for reconstruction is very important for the overall aesthetic result. Barbara Jemec works with LDPath, a private pathology service which processes the pathology as quickly as is possible. Your results will be discussed in a MultiDisciplinary Team setting with access to oncology, radiology, pathology, dermatology and plastic surgery.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a chronic and very locally destructive disease, which can be treated a number of ways with medicine and surgery. Stage 3 or severe cases refractory to medical therapy are treated with surgery, which often require reconstructions due to the extent of the disease.

Gynae cancer reconstruction is often a neglected area of lifesaving cancer surgery, but the external genitalia can be reconstructed to resemble the normal and remove the discomfort on sitting and walking.

Hand Surgery is a plastic and orthopaedic subspeciality, which encompasses both arthritis, trauma and nerve compressions. A close relationship with Hand Therapists is necessary for the best result, please see under individual hand conditions.

Aesthetic breast, doesn’t always have to be just about aesthetics, but is for asymmetry and too large and heavy breasts, which could benefit from reduction surgery.

Aesthetic Body is about abdominoplasty mostly and liposuction, please see under procedures.

It is always best to be as close to your normal weight as possible before surgery to ensure the best result.

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