Consultations take place at the Royal Free Hospital or at 152 Harley Street.

At the consultation you will be able to discuss what you wish to achieve with your operation with Miss Barbara Jemec. She will guide you through your options and together you will be able to find the best solution. She will explain how the procedures are done, the benefits and the potential complications and you will receive a letter from the consultation.

Should you wish another consultation before you decided to go ahead, this can be accommodated within the initial fee.

Sometimes patients wish to ensure that Miss Jemec will do the operation before they book a consultation. She has to see you first, and cannot agree to undertake any procedures without a prior consultation. For very simple excision of skin lesions, first assessed by a Dermatologist or GP, the consultation can be done the same day.

Self payers
Miss Jemec uses a Medical Billing and Collection company for her bills and they will be contacting you for payment. The payment for the operation is due two weeks prior to the operation date and is refundable apart from any implants if you are prevented from attending the operation and advise Miss Barbara Jemec of this. Late payment will result in cancellation of the surgery.

If you are insured the insurance company will be billed for the consultation and the procedure separately.

If your procedure is covered by your insurance please bring your policy and authorisation number to the consultation.

Miss Jemec is fee-assured for AxaPPP insured patients, charges within BUPA for consultations and according to WPA/Cigna for everything else, if you are having a procedure which is covered by an insurance. Beware that sometimes procedures are not listed on the insurance companies’ websites and the code may therefore not match exactly the procedure you are having done, but it will be as close as possible. Please note that Insurance companies vary to how much of the fee they cover according to your policy and you are liable for the difference.

With regards gynaecology reconstruction, the insurance will partly cover the fee.

Wrinkles and frowns (this includes a second visit two weeks later to fine tune the results for free).